Creating Diane & Crew

Above are the two 30 second spots we created for Diane & Crew, a local real estate company. In this post we’d like to share a little bit of our process to create these films. 

Diane & Crew approached us with a need for a marketing video. Originally we thought we we’re going to create a 60 second spot highlight the buying and selling process. After a little back and forth we came to the conclusion that two shorter videos would be more effective. Especially for their audiences because they we targeting two different markets.

The client knew they wanted something different, not your typical real estate video. The client came up with the concept for the script, making an analogy with buying and selling a home. From there we helping create a storyboard and shot list to complement the script. Our hope was to us vibrant imagery to captivate the audience and help the videos stand out from the competition. We also wanted to show the personal connection that clients have working with Diane & Crew, so we went back and forth from shots of the analogy and showing the client experience.

Both videos we’re filmed on the Canon 5D Mark IV with a CAM-TV cage, many of the shots we used the EasyRig to keep the shots smooth. For lighting we used two Quasar Science LED lights. These were crucial for us to attain the proper colors and lighting we we’re after for in the interior shots. The videos took three separate shoot days to complete the filming. It was a pretty nimble crew with a DP/Cinematographer and a Gaffer.

We’re specifically sharing our BTS for other cinematographers. Our hope is to be an open book to share what’s working and not working on our shoots.