Creating Be An Outsider


Our hope with Sonship Studio is that it's not just a place to share our recent work but also for it to be a platform to share how we create and produce our films. We want to share BTS and filming techniques. 

Our goal is to be a part of a larger cinematography community where we can have a two way dialogue with other filmmakers and learn from each other. 

With this piece, we wanted to film a commercial spot for an outdoors clothing company. L.L.Bean naturally was at the top of our list being an American made company, with a great history of well made products and strong branding. 

We're a part of a cinematography group called Cinema Mastery that's designed to bring filmmakers together and support each other. Within that, we were in a select group called the Crew. This Crew helped us really re-think our business and re-imagining the type of videos we wanted to work on. This was the journey we were on that lead us to this. Creating a spec film, with the sole purpose to producing content that stands out and we're proud of. 

One of the most important things we took from our time in the Crew was to utilize the unique things you have around you. We immediately thought of our friend Kyle and his dog Garth. (a professionally trained hunting dog) We used these two as the backbone of our film and created a story around their relationship. We filmed in two locations on the eastern shore. The film focused on L.L.Bean's most iconic product, their Original Duck Boots. We used their tag line: Be an Outsider as the messaging for the film and created a storyline. 

We flew out Eric Thayne, the creator of Cinema Mastery to help out with the shoot and rented his RED camera. We used natural light to film a majority of the shots. A couple indoor scenes we let less light in to get the right look we we're going for. Hope you enjoy!